Participation Grant

What is the Participation Grant?

The Participation Grant is an initiative by the University of Sheffield to help students take part in Students' Union activities and sports, including skiing. SheffSki is mindful of the fact that skiing can be a sport with many costs involved, and sometimes these cost can act as a barrier to participation. This is something that SheffSki is very keen to address. We are doing this by trying to keep the costs of our activities as small as possible (such as by subsidising our Castleford ski sessions), and widen participation as much as possible. SheffSki is keen to promote the Participation Grant to its members as a means by which some students could be awarded funding which could enable them to participate in our activities and events.

Who can apply for it?

It is open to students who fulfil at least one of the following criteria:

  • Students in receipt of a bursary from the University of Sheffield
  • Postgraduate students who were in receipt of a maintenance grant as an undergraduate student
  • Students who are facing financial difficulties
  • Students with a disability
  • Students who are a parent or carer
  • Students in receipt of the Postgraduate Support Scheme (PSS) scholarship
  • International students facing additional costs because of immigration status

How much is the grant?
The maximum amount that can be applied for is £200.

Which SheffSki activities can the Participation Grant fund?

You could apply for a grant to cover the following costs, as they relate directly to the key aims and objectives of the Club.

  • Membership fees
  • Essential kit and equipment (for example, race poles if you were a Racer or a back protector if you were a Freestyler)
  • Group hoodies (for example, the club hoodies)
  • Castleford ski sessions and Rossendale dry slope training sessions
  • Lessons at Castleford
  • Entry to BUDS, BUiSC and Kings' events

Which SheffSki activities can't the Participation Grant fund?
There are some things that the Participation Grant cannot fund, due to the fact that such activities are not deemed to be related to key aims and objectives of the Club.

  • Tickets for socials
  • Ski holidays (abroad)

How can I find out more?
To find out more information, contact the Financial Support Team at the University of Sheffield. 


Page last updated: 27th May 2017, WM